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Hello, I am Irene Cusell and I help smart managers, experts and coaches looking for modern ways of knowledge sharing. We work together, taking your expertise source materials and turning them into interactive online training. 

Learning is often presented as tough as an old steak or as mushy as boring bowls of porridge. My mission is to make learning more fun! I want to SPICE UP your expertise knowledge, so your customers and employees will achieve better results and higher knowledge retention.

Irene Cusell
Chef Knowledge Sharing

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Building elearning modules with Articulate Storyline 360 is my passion!

This creative work combines everything I enjoy doing: (re)writing texts, taking photos, editing videos, coming up with creative solutions, fitting everything together nicely, coming up with interactive elements and appropriate quiz questions.

When I am not working I also enjoy those activities of making beautiful, funny creations as presents. I love making a photo album from my best friends wedding, pub quiz, calendar with family photos, recording videomessage and editing it with funny  sounds and popups, gossip magazine for my theater group, design change of address cards and invitations, you name it.

A little more about me 😴 If you are still on the same page

As a child I loved the craft club, but was also curious, in languages and in technology. Very motivated to read jar labels at breakfast, I could read before starting school. After high school, I chose Chemical Engineering, which combines all great fields of science: mathematics, physics and chemistry. I wanted to understand the immense universe and the incomprehensible small particles on Earth. How is it possible that the moon, the ocean and barbecue smoke are all made up out of the same building blocks!

Learning languages was a constant interest, such as during my study at the Delft University of Technology, I learned Italian as a welcome variation on topics like Physical Transport Phenomena, with the bonus of doing practical internship in Italy. Also for holidays, I would study a bit beforehand, such as Swahili for a camping safari in Tanzania and Farsi before Iran.

Photography I started around 12 years, developing my own black&whites, has expanded to a continued interest especially when traveling and even selling my best photos on Stock websites. Later I added painting and drawing which is recently rekindled, both on paper and digitally by learning Indesign.

Literally I stepped out of my comfort zone on stage in cabaret, mime and improvisation. Highlights are short feature films such as “Een Haagse Erfenis” which we made from scratch to premiere with a group of friends and shorter projects such as Pleasuresealand.

Also in geographic sense I like to cross borders to visite interesting, both on holiday and sabbatical trips as well as during working visits as an inspector for OPCW.

Also in geographic sense I like to cross borders to visite interesting, both on holiday and sabbatical trips as well as during working visits as an inspector for OPCW.
Between traveling I was introduced to the powerful software program Articulate Studio to create elearning with graphical interactions. This appealed to me so much that I started making modules for my colleague inspectors. Our military manuals for using chemical detectors were so montonous and boring that it motivated me to make learning more fun. ELearning is an ideal medium and platform to demonstrate technical procedures and complicated devices with photos and videos.

Creating such interactive training combines beloved topics as technology, photography, writing and helping to explain. That is why I started my enterprise Spice up Learning with 22 years of various employment experience in my backpack.

My mission is to make learning more fun! If your instruction materials can use a SPICE UP, let me add some peppers and safeguard your expertise in a durable form, while achieving higher knowledge retention for your customers.

Best videopitch of the Year

Entrepreneurs group Haagse Ondernemershuis organized a competition for Best Video Pitch of the Year 2019, just after having completed a workshop Pinnacle Studio video editing software. It was on my bucket list to create a Hollywoodstyle movie trailer, beginning with the deepest bass narrator's voice "IN A WORLD.....". This famous voice is from an actor called Redd Pepper! I edited all the interviews I could find to fit as puzzle pieces into my story.

I was nominated for the final 3 contestants and quite excited when I won  the second prize. Most entrepreneurs told me that my video was funny and entertaining, but did not convey clearly enough what services Spice up Learning has to offer. I probably made the trailer too mysterious... I wanted viewers to be curious about that Spice up Learning girl who arrives on Earth to save our planet from boring teaching material!

Want to see a glimpse of humor and passion that I like to put in my work? Watch the movie trailer below, with credits to Redd Pepper.

Award ceremony
Entrepreneurial House in The Hague
Best Videopitch of the year 2019

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